Been playing about with my camera again today.

I emptied the bathroom of shower stools and chairs, and then spent the best part of an hour messing about with a old length of chrome plated rail, clamps, tripods, and assorted electronic gear.  (The rail is the sort you would find in a flat-pack wardrobe for hanging coathanger from.)

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Been busy

First of all, I must apologise for my poor attendance lately.  No excuses, I’ve just had other things to do.

Second: In case you don’t know, you can click on the photos on here to see a larger version.  If you do, you can get back here by either pressing the ‘backspace’ key on your keyboard, or by clicking the big left-pointing arrow at the top of the window.

Now to the post.

As you all probably know, I’ve been playing with computers for many years now.  (Decades, actually… Oh boy, do I feel old! It’s over thirty years ago that I first had a play with one.)
Back to the point.  Over the years, I’ve also had an interest in electronics, but never really been able to get my head around it.

Until now.

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Picture this

A couple of days ago, I had an idea for a photograph.  What the idea was is unimportant – but actually getting the photograph was a real trial.

As you know, the last week or so has been pretty miserable, weather wise, and my photograph needed to be taken indoors – so I needed some light on the subject.
Not a problem – I have a couple of table lamps for the purpose.  They’re fairly low wattage spotlights, which I can move around as needed.  Perfect.

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Watch the birdie

I spoke a little about cameras towards the end of last year – and how a camera that did everything for you cost so much less than one that you had control over.
Well, after much consideration I bought a new camera.  I’m loving it – though I have to hide my blush when I admit that I’m letting the camera make all the decisions for me…

At the same time I bought the camera, I put up a bird table in the garden, so I would have a ready source of subject matter.  I can stand in the kitchen and watch the food disappear, and I’m having a lot of fun doing so.

There is a problem, however.  And it’s a big one.

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