I’m only saying

One of the biggest problems with the world today is the ‘I’m only…’ crowd.

You may not understand that statement.  But I can guarantee that you will, by the end of this post, have thought of at least one incident where you have met the ‘I’m only…’s – or even realised that you are one of them yourself.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Everyday, a car blocks the end of the lane I live on, while the driver says ‘I’m only delivering meals on wheels, I won’t be long.’
  • You are driving along a road at a legal 60 mph, when a car pulls out of a side road in front of you, travels along at 20 for a few hundred yards, then turns off.  ‘I’m only going a few hundred yards – I won’t be a problem…’
  • A busy town centre at rush hour, and a taxi driver stops in the middle of the road, saying ‘I’m only dropping off this passenger…’
  • You’re working behind the counter in a bank when a gun is pressed against your nose, and the guy holding it says ‘I’m only trying to feed my family.’

Are you starting to get the picture?

We (yes, all of us) do something that we know is wrong and selfish and stupid and…  We do it, and we justify it with ‘I’m only…’ as if that makes it all right.

It doesn’t.

The most ‘acceptable’ of the examples above is the idiot who blocks the lane I live on.  Not many vehicles come up and down this lane, and the driver does only take a couple of minutes.  Not long to wait, especially when the driver is delivering hot food to a pensioner.
But…  why should they have to wait?  All the driver has to do is park ten feet further away!  Ten feet, and then the fire engine, ambulance, police (or me) can get past with ease.

The driver who ‘only’ goes a short distance along that fast road may ‘only’ cause a problem for one or two other drivers – but that problem is the fact that the one he pulls out in front of has to step on the brakes, and the car behind him cannot stop in time.  Then the whole road is blocked for hours while the police, fire brigade, and ambulance come along to sort out the tangled wreckage.

If you think about it, you’ll probably see just how much of our life is affected by the ‘I’m only’ crowd – and it is always a negative influence.

It’s time we stood up for ourselves, and told these selfish idiots where to go.  Please, in future, think about what you’re doing – and if you find that you say to yourself ‘I’m only…’ then don’t.

Don’t ‘only’ do anything.  Have a reason for what you do, and consider the impact on the world around you.  Never justify anything with ‘I’m only…’

I’m only saying.

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One Response to “I’m only saying”

  • Comment from MBart

    Thought about this the other day when I was only blocking the road for a minute whilst I picked a dog up – I’m sorry to say I did continue to block the road – although it was a private road that 1 or 2 cars go on! But it is in my mind now and I will try and stop with the “I’m only”!

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