A pity

I’ve just ordered some stuff online, and got an email giving the ‘estimated’ delivery as next monday.  A week away.
Now, this is something I’m noticing more and more lately.  I’m getting estimated delivery dates that seem to be far too long – and then the goods arrive ‘early.’

When I order the goods, they say on the item description that delivery will normally take 2-3 days, then after I order, the delivery will take longer.

Then the goods arrive in 2-3 days.

Now, this confuses me.  How is it that before I order they know how long delivery will take; after I order, they don’t know how long; and then after the goods arrive, they do know?  How can things possibly change that fast?

Obviously, they don’t.  No, what happens is that they give an extended delivery time, so that – when they ask for feedback – you say the goods arrived early.  It’s all about making them look more efficient: ‘our goods always arrive before the estimated date’ they say.

Well, yes, they do.  But that is a big problem, isn’t it?  How efficient can you possibly be when you cannot get the delivery date right?

How am I supposed to plan?  Oh look, the parcel will arrive Monday, I’ll make sure I stay home – but as this is the Thursday before, a good four days early, I can safely go out for the day.  It’s a lovely day, let’s go to the coast…
And when I get home, I find a card through the door, telling me I have to make a thirty mile drive to collect the parcel they were unable to deliver today!

Things used to be so simple.  You ordered goods, and you knew that Royal Mail would deliver them within a week.  Unless you paid for overnight delivery.  You also knew that the postman would just leave the parcel round the back, or with a neighbour, or bring it back the next day – at the very least, you could collect it from the local Post Office.
Now, there are more delivery services than deliveries!  And they all work differently; they all have different rules on what to do if nobody is home; they all have different idiots working for them…

On our front door, there is a button for a doorbell.  It is covered with tape, making it virtually impossible to press the button.  This is a deliberate act on my part.
Only an idiot would try to ring that doorbell.

A few weeks ago, I happened to glance out of the window to see somebody stood at the front door – so I opened the door.  Just in time to stop a delivery man putting card saying ‘nobody home’ through the letterbox.
‘You didn’t knock.’ I said.
‘I rang the bell.’ He replied.
‘The bell doesn’t work.’
‘It does!  I heard it!’
‘Congratulations.  YOU heard the bell.  We can’t hear the bell, which is why it’s taped over, to stop idiots standing at the door saying I rang the bell.’

He didn’t seem to like me for some reason.

But back to the point.
If a company gives a 3-day delivery, and it takes  4 days, then people will complain.  If they give a 4-day delivery, and it takes 3 days, they think people will be happy.  So they give 7-day delivery dates, and expect it to take 3-4 days, and think customers will be over the moon.

How stupid can you get?

I would much prefer them to say ‘delivery is normally 3-4 days, but please give it a week before you complain.’  Or, better still, get it right – and have a 3-day delivery that arrives in 3 days.  If your chosen delivery service cannot deliver that, then change to one of the others.
Find one that works, and stick with them.

I recommend Royal Mail.  They have the longest history.

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One Response to “A pity”

  • Comment from Ol' Grumpy

    I was right. I ordered from two companies, and both gave Monday the tenth as their estimated delivery. One delivered on Tuesday 4th, the other on Friday 7th.
    It’s a good job I didn’t make special arrangements for the Monday, isn’t it?

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