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Today, I want to start my post with a small reminder: I am not, never have been, and never will be, a racist.  I have never disliked somebody simply because of their race, skin colour, religion…  If I dislike somebody, it’s personal.  They have said or done something to make me dislike them.

On the other hand, I have been forced to conclude that I am a nationalist to some extent.
I believe that our government is biased towards immigrants, which is wrong.  What do I mean by biased?  Well, for example, there is a service available for immigrants which will find somebody who speaks their language, and that person will tell the immigrant exactly what benefits they can claim.
If, however, you live here… there is no help, of any sort, with finding out which benefit you may be entitled to: all you can do is apply for them, and see if you succeed.

Not only is this unfair, it is – to my mind – totally wrong.
We have unemployment and recession in this country – there is a shortage of jobs.  So why are we allowing immigrants to come here and claim unemployment benefit?  We don’t have enough money to pay those born here, why give it to ‘outsiders’?

I do have a solution to this.  May not be popular, but…
Benefits, of any sort, should only be available to anybody who has at least six family members in full employment.  This number reduces by one per generation, for four generations.

What does this mean?  Well… if you move to the UK from another country, you are first generation.  If you are, say, a married couple with two children, you cannot claim any benefits – there are only four of you, so you cannot have six working.  If, however, you have four brothers here, all working, and two of their wives also work, then the family has more than six workers, and can claim benefits for one person.

The two children will be classed as second generation.  So they only need five relatives in full time employment.  If they each get jobs when they leave school, and they have a parent, four uncles, and three aunts working, then there are ten workers in the family – so the family can claim benefits for two more.  They can bring their grandparents over, for example.

The next generation needs only four relatives per claimants, then three for the next generation, and finally, the fifth generation needs only two relatives per claimant.

These rules will also apply to the british.   One family I knew, some time ago, comprised two parents, five children, and four grandchildren.  Not one of them worked, and all of them claimed benefits.  Under my system, they would need to show that they had twenty-two relatives in full-time employment.

But… that is all a mile away from what this post is supposed to be about!

Just a little while ago, radicals killed a soldier on a british high street, then boasted about it.
I have no interest in their religious beliefs.  I don’t care.  I consider them scum because of their actions.  It’s personal.  What they did is outrageous, and I really hope that they serve long jail terms before they are deported to a country that hates anybody of their religion.  I don’t care what happens, just get them off the streets of england.

Today, I hear, places of worship in the UK are being attacked by british radicals.  In revenge for the killing of the soldier.

How stupid can you get?
Attacking somebody because of their religion is just wrong.  Defending yourself is one thing, but setting fire to a church as revenge for the killing of a soldier you never even met?  Revenge should be against the ones responsible, not a community that is as british as I am!

Yes, they are!  They were born here.  They live and work here.  They may worship differently to me, but that’s beside the point.  I live in england, but I’m of scottish descent; if you trace the family tree back, you’ll find that only about one in thirty is actually of true british origin.  We’ve been invaded so many times, we almost installed revolving doors.  Vikings, Saxons, Romans… they’ve all polluted the british gene pool.

If somebody offends me, I’ll deal with it.  If somebody attacks my country, I’ll defend it.  If somebody from country A throws horse apples at the President of country B… well, the person from country A is responsible – not the country itself.  If a jew insults the pope, it’s the jew at fault, not judaism.

Please, folks, don’t blame religions for what idiots do in their name.  Although I’m happy for you to blame a priest for anything his parisioners do at his behest.  Take note, radicals.  If the pope commanded that everybody with red hair be stoned, then he would be guilty of murder – and any cardinal, bishop, priest, or choirboy that repeated the command would be guilty, too.  Anybody who obeyed the command would be guilty.

But the religion itself would not be guilty.

An angry mob burning down a church – because it held a priest who had killed at the order of the pope – would be guilty of murder, arson, and stupidity.

It is not our place to judge.  It is not our place to pass sentence.  Our only role in any of this is as a witness.  If we see a crime, we report it, and stand up in court to say what we saw.

Two wrongs make a bigger wrong.  Firebombing a mosque simply because it’s a mosque is actually a worse crime than the one it is supposed to be retaliation for.  Nobody in that mosque had any connection to the murder of the soldier.  Or at least, no connection any stronger than the soldiers connection to the man responsible for the ‘Batman’ massacre last year – James Holmes, the killer, was a white christian, so all white christians are obviously mass murderers.  Quick, fire bomb all the churches!

I’m sorry.  This really gets to me.  I am always upset to hear about soldiers being killed – but the idea of blaming the killers religion for it just makes it worse.

Blame the person, not the faith.

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