Compare and contrast

One of the big stories in Friday’s news caught my attention, and I thought I’d have a little chat about it.

The story I refer to is about the Oxford ‘sex grooming ring’ – a group of Muslim men who viciously abused children.  Now, they’re not the first to do this, and they won’t be the last – so there’s not much to talk about there.

No, the real story is that mosques across the UK were reading out a sermon condemning those responsible.  Hundreds of mosques pledged to read out the sermon during Friday’s prayer meeting.  (If I use the wrong terms, I apologise.  I mean no disrespect by it.)

So, the heads of the Muslim religion within the UK have spoken out against the acts of these scum.  Good for them.
In one stroke, they have said that the men responsible were acting against the teachings of their religion, that their religion did not condone their acts, and that their acts were not those of ‘true believers.’  They have neatly seperated the degenerates from the religion.

Now, you may be reading that, and waiting for me to fire both barrels at them, as is my usual practice.  Well, you’ll have a long wait.  Sorry.  But wait… here comes the shotgun, after all…  I’m aiming it… there goes the trigger!

We have a religion I know little about, that is clearly saying they do not condone, support, or approve of their congregation sexually abusing children.

On the other hand, We have a religion that makes a habit of moving any abusers to a different area, and denying any knowledge of their actions.  A religion that routinely and loudly condemns homosexuality, while ignoring any homosexual abuse their priests commit.  A religion that vehemently defends any priest accused of paedophilia, despite the fact that the very same priest has been accused of it at every single parish they’ve worked, within months of moving.

I know which of those religions is the more worth following.  Do you?

Strange, isn’t it?  How the Muslims are more Christian than the Christians…

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