From a line to a point

Once again, a story in the news has prompted a blog post.  (Well, it’s about time something did…)

Apparently, a recent study has concluded that as much as a third of under 16’s have had sex.
So what’s the big news?

I know a few under 16’s.  Well, actually, to be perfectly honest about it…  Everybody I know was under 16 at some point in their life…  Hmm… Better start this paragraph again.

OK… In my personal experience, I can only think of a very small number of people who did not have sex before they were 16.  And in almost every single case, that person is deeply religious.
Not only do they not have ‘under-age’ sex – they have no sex at all until they are married.

Good for them!

I think the ‘up to a third’ bit is wrong, is what I’m saying.  I think it’s more like with luck, maybe one in ten hasn’t had sex by 16.  They just don’t talk about it.

But… the news story.  Because the kids are already doing it, the experts are suggesting we make it legal.

How stupid.

At the moment, as the law stands, it is illegal for anybody to have sex with an ‘under-age’ person.  What this means in the eyes of the law is that if two 15 year olds have sex, they are both breaking the law.  What it means in real terms is that the police will ignore it.

If a 15 year old has sex with a 10 year old, the 15 year old would probably be prosecuted.

If a 15 year old has sex with a 25 year old, the 25 year old would almost certainly be prosecuted.  (Almost certainly – who is at fault if a 15 year old boy takes advantage of a mentally challenged 25 year old?)

So.  There is a line.  The line is your sixteenth birthday.  Before that day, anybody who you are intimate with is breaking the law.  If they are under 16, then you are breaking the law, too.

The line is clear.  Nobody can be in any doubt about it.

I know, I know – nobody takes any notice of the line – but it is there, nonetheless, and the police have no trouble deciding whether or not the line has been crossed.

But – finally getting to the point of the news item – they want to move the line.

Because their figures suggest that a third of those under 16 are having sex, they want to make it legal for them to do so.

As if that would make the slightest difference to those who are already doing it!  The ones it will affect are the ones who have been able to say ‘no’ so far.  The ones who use the law as an excuse.  The ones who obey their bible, and stick to the ‘it’s wrong’ line.

Because it won’t be ‘wrong’ any more, will it?

There is another group who will benefit, too.  The sick adults who prey on children.  It will be legal for them a whole year sooner.

How long before they make it 14?  Or 12?  Or 5?

I’ve heard of ten year olds being pregnant: somebody thought they were old enough, obviously.

I would say this was the most idiotic, self-serving, abusive piece of law I’ve ever heard about – but I can see the silver lining.

You see… I can’t think of anybody close who will suffer from this change in the law, so it won’t hurt me, personally – and there is an obvious benefit to me, too.

Think about it.  A recent survey has shown that over 44% of drivers admit to breaking the speed limit – so they must apply the same logic and change the speed limit!

Mustn’t they?

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