I’m surprised

A little while ago, there was a big furore about MP’s expenses.  After this, a system was introduced whereby the pay, benefits, expenses etc for MP’s would be controlled by an independent body.

No longer would MP’s be able to award a pay rise to theirselves.  Yay!

Now, at the end of a year where every area of life has seen enforced economies – either a reduction in wages, or a limit on the payrise – this independent body wants to give MP’s a payrise of 11%.

Anybody who asked for an 11% pay rise this year should not be surprised when the negative answer was followed by an immediate dismissal!

And this got me thinking…

In the last three years, the number of nurses has dropped by 10%.  As each nurse was paid between 20-30k each, and we now have 60,000 fewer nurses, the NHS is £1,500,000,000 better off every year.   So no worries, then – that would pay for the MP’s pay rise for the next 300 years.

Of course, I’d rather have the 60,000 nurses, but who am I?

Let’s think about this.

A nurse earns just over 20k when they start work – and that is after a minimum of two years training, and the gaining of a degree.
A teacher starts at 21.5k, and again, that requires a degree and you have successfully complete training.
A headmaster can earn as much as 112k – but for that you need to have spent many years as a qualified teacher, and gain qualifications, etc.
How about a doctor?  A GP, for instance, would be paid a salary of around 70k.  If he is a partner, it could be as much as 115k.  Of course, the GP needs to spend at least five years in training, and a partner needs to have capital to invest.

An MP…  Anybody can be an MP.  No training is needed, no qualifications – all you need is enough idiots to vote for you and the job is yours.

Of course, you stand more chance of becoming an MP if you went to the right school, know the right people, or slap the right backs.  Being a member of one of the main parties is handy, too.  But the fact remains that anybody can put their name down, and stand for election.

So… Well, unless I’m very mistaken, that means the MP’s job is unskilled labour?

Well, a farmer (and I mean one who owns the farm) earns 20-30k a year… oh, no – that requires skill.

A supermarket cashier earns 10-15k… an MP should be able to handle that job.

A policeman is paid between 22k when they start, and just over 35k after ten years service.  Of course, a policeman has to be trained before they’re allowed on the streets, and they have to reject any bribes offered…

I’m struggling here.  What is a fair wage for a job that can be done by anybody?

Is it really worth the £76,000 a year this independent body seems to think it should be? Is it worth the £66,000 they get now?

Imagine it.  A job that pays you well over a thousand pounds a week, and pays your expenses when you commute, and pays for a house in London, and runs multiple subsidised bars and restaurants where you can eat for next to nothing.

Sounds like a job worth having.

The reason I’m surprised? Because there are so few applicants for the position!

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