It’s not blue…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a carer.  I look after my partner.  One of my duties is to sit them down in the bathroom and hose them down.   As my partner suffers from COPD (among other things) and is on oxygen 24/7, it is a little difficult to hold a conversation while doing the shower: my partner needs all their breath.

So I grab the opportunity to talk – never waste a captive audience!

I talk about many things, none of which are of any real interest to my partner, but… If they get bored, they can always walk out….

So, the other day, while talking about something or other, I was interupted by my partners coughing fit.  And once the fit was, um, shall we say productive?  Ok, once it was over, I was prompted to talk about colour theory.

Yes.  Colour theory.

My dear daddy has been a painter and decorator most of his life, and all of us kids have had some experience of that career.  I’ve also been interested, at some point in my life, in art and photography.  I therefore humbly submit that I know slightly more than average about colour theory.

Why more than average?  Simple.  Most people aren’t interested – so if you know anything about it, you know more than average!

That said, what I’m about to say will be backed up by any kid that ever paid the slightest attention in school.  The three primary colours are red, blue, and yellow.  Secondary colours are those you get by mixing equal amounts of any two primary colours: red and yellow to make orange; yellow and blue to make green; and blue and red to make purple.
Now, this is important, so pay attention.  It is impossible to have purple without blue or red.  Got that?  Or green without blue or yellow.  Or orange without red or yellow.

So.  Having laid out simple colour theory, I have a couple of questions for you.

How come snot is only ever yellow or green?  Why is it never blue?

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