Been playing about with my camera again today.

I emptied the bathroom of shower stools and chairs, and then spent the best part of an hour messing about with a old length of chrome plated rail, clamps, tripods, and assorted electronic gear.  (The rail is the sort you would find in a flat-pack wardrobe for hanging coathanger from.)

I put the rail upright, and clamped it in place.  Then I set up a sensor and a camera, and a flashgun.  Then I balanced an egg on the end of the rail, and shot it.

The set up

Rubbish drawing

I know, I know – it’s not the best drawing in the world!I had 9 eggs to play with, which I got from a local shop for just 80p, so I had a bit of fun.

When I say ‘shot’, I mean with a gun.  Can you imagine the mess I had to clean up?  That stuff gets everywhere!  I’m very fortunate, really, that none of it touched the camera, because I had to clean some out of the box behind the camera.


There was egg yolk everywhere – except behind the egg.  Yep – I put stuff behind the egg to protect the walls, and not a thing hit it.  The worst affected place was, believe it or not, behind the gun!

Not to worry – I took my safety very seriously.  I put my fingers in my ears when I pulled the trigger.  Which is quite an achievement really…  You see, I needed to take the photo in the dark.
So… Put the egg on the stand, load the gun, aim the gun, turn off the light, press the camera shutter release, fire the gun, close the camera shutter, turn on the light, and check the picture.  Don’t forget, I’m holding a gun while I do all that…

Happy days!

I only had 9 eggs to play with, and some idiot who shall be nameless forgot to turn the sensor on three times out of the nine.  Oh, all right, I’ll name him.  It was Toby.
All things considered, I’m very happy that I got five ‘decent’ photos.  I say ‘decent’ because they’re okay, but not good.  Certainly not great.


Could be better

But I’m learning, and the next attempt will be better, and the one after that better still.

One of the things I’ll change next time is move the egg further away from the background, and use a wider aperture to throw the background out of focus.  (Although my partner quite likes the shadow.)

Another thing I’d like to change is the gun.  Look at the picture, and it’s obvious that the bullet travelled from right to left in the photo, isn’t it?

Only it shouldn’t have done, because the gun was on the left.  What you are actually seeing is the bullet ricocheting off the back wall of the egg.   It goes in, and bounces back out of the same side of the egg.
It just doesn’t have enough power to break through the far side.

That’s why there’s so much space on the right of the shot, and not much room for the bits of flying eggshell – it should have been on the other side!

Not to worry.  I can work with it if I have to.  Unless anybody out there has a 9mm parabellum I can borrow?



(For those who are a little concerned about me: I wore safety glasses, and the gun was an ‘airsoft’ which fires plastic balls.  Some people actually use them to shoot each other with, for fun.  I do have knowledge and experience with firearms, and I believe that I took adequate safety precautions for the power of the gun concerned.  As a side note to those interested, I can tell you that the gun fires those little things at 310-325 feet per second.)

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