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At the end of this month our Doctors surgery will close it’s dedicated prescription line.  We will no longer be able to request a repeat prescription over the telephone.

Instead, they say, we should put in our request online…

Most of you know this, but I’ll say it for those who don’t:  I was teaching people how to use the internet twenty years ago.  I know how to design and build websites, and I know how to use websites.
Without boasting, I think it’s fair to say that I am above average when it comes to surfing the web.

Yet I struggled to find out how to request a repeat prescription on the website address they gave us.

I finally found a link to another website, on which I could request the drugs my partner so desperately needs.
All I have to do is type the full name and dosage of each drug…

Now, I don’t know about you, but… I worry a little that I’ll spell it wrong, or request 15mg instead of 1.5mg – and they won’t notice.  I worry that my partner will get the wrong drugs, because of a silly mistake made by me.

No way am I going to take responsibility for typing out a list of drugs!

According to ‘them’ I can use a mobile device, or a computer, and order over the internet without registering.  Only, if you don’t register, you have to type in your details every time, and you have to type in the name of the drugs, every time.

Of course, if you register, you just have to click on the drugs you want.  You don’t have to enter all your data because they already have it.  It tells you that, right under the bit that says your medical records will be shared with anybody who asks for them, unless you tell them you object.  (It’s called Care.Data, if you want to check.)

Oh, and on the webpage where you can type in all your details and drug requirements, it tells you that they cannot guarantee the security of your data – and if you are concerned you should use another means of ordering your drugs…

Well, I’m concerned.

So… What are my alternatives?  They’re closing the telephone line down, so I can’t use that.  They suggest the internet, and I can’t use that because I’m concerned about security.  Carrier pigeons are a health risk.

I could post the thing to them, I suppose.   But I object to paying for the stamp.

That leaves only one option.  I have to leave my partner alone at home while I travel to the surgery and hand in the prescription personally.

And that leaves me a little torn.  I love my partner, I do, but… I have to admit a part of me hopes they have an accident while I’m at the surgery – so I can point at their damned stupid policy and shout about compensation!

Seriously.  Whose fault will it be if something happens to my partner while I’m satisfying some idiotic bean-counters god complex?

Sadly, I know who will feel guilty.

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