Problem solved

I posted yesterday about the new prescription service, and how it is no longer possible to telephone an order through.
After considering all my options, it seemed that I would be forced to physically visit the surgery to hand in the prescription request.

Well, that problem has been solved.  By the chemist.

You see, the chemist runs a prescription order service – you tell them what you want, and they get the prescription for you.


You should have seen their faces when I laughed at them.

Why did I laugh?  Well, to tell them what you want, you have to physically take the prescription and hand it to them.  And they share a car park with the surgery…

Yep.  Their service will save me from having to walk in next door by allowing me to walk in to their door.  It’s actually just a little further to walk, too.  So they’re also helping by encouraging me to take more exercise.

How thoughtful of them.

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One Response to “Problem solved”

  • Comment from Ol' Grumpy

    Okay okay… I spotted the deliberate mistake myself.
    I didn’t post yesterday, it was three days ago – how time flies when you’re having fun.
    My apologies for the error.

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