I can’t ignore it any longer

It’s less than a week away, and it’s taking over the TV, Radio, and print.  I’m talking about the election, of course, and I’m already sick of it.

I watched the ‘leaders’ debate, where the leaders of seven parties all talked over each other.  Why only seven parties?  Why were there no independents?  No Monster Raving Loony?  Why were we limited to those who ‘might’ win the election?

The saddest thing about that debate, to my mind, was the fact that I learnt more about the parties policies from their opposition than I did from their leaders!  It was a constant ‘what xxx plans is this…’ or ‘what they’re not telling you is that they will do xxxx.’
At no point did I hear any of them actually lay down their own plans – they were too busy explaining why somebody else’s plans would fail!

I’ve had many scraps of waste-paper shoved through my door, none of which I’ve done more than glanced at, but not one candidate has knocked and engaged me in conversation.  Which is a shame, because I will vote for the first one who does.  (Well, not really… The first one who does that isn’t from the ‘big three’, maybe.)

Because, once again, I urge you all to vote – for anybody who isn’t Labour, Conservative, or Liberal.  Give us a nation where the the MP’s actually listen to us rather than their party leader.
This is the BIG problem with party politics, after all.  We vote for somebody to represent us in Parliament, and then they go and represent some big multi-national instead.

You doubt that?  Let me set a little scene for you, then ask a question.

Constituency A elects a Tory MP.  In the constituency is a factory that employs 1,000 people, making it the biggest employer by far.  The factory owners plan to close the factory, and open a new one in Constituency B, where they will employ 5,000 people.
It’s better for the country to have the new factory.  It’s better for the Tory party to have the new factory.  It’s a disaster for Constituency A.

The question is, who do you think Constituency A’s Tory MP will side with?  The Tory party, or the 1,000 constituents who will lose their jobs?
If he represents the voters who gave him the job, he will be kicked out of the Tory party; if he represents the Tory party, he will not be voted back in next time.  Maybe.  Because, of course, he can lie to the voters and get away with it, but he can’t lie to the Tory party…

Party politics will always put the party before the voters.  So we need to vote for somebody who will put the voters first.  And that means an independent.

I am heartily sick of being told what they will do if we elect them.  I don’t want them to tell us, I want them to ask us what we want!

I want somebody to represent me.  The truth, to me, is simple: any politician making promises in order to secure my vote is lying to me.  Because they can never deliver on the promises!  They can only try their best – and nobody will vote for somebody who say’s ‘ I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try my best…’

We really do need a change.  We need a government that serves, as opposed to one that rules.

Sadly, I don’t have a way of achieving that.  So, as I said some time ago, I think we’re heading for a revolution.

Which is why I’m urging everybody to vote against the Government – because that might satisfy the revolutionaries.

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