As I’ve mentioned more than once on here, I like to add the email addresses of SPAMmers to every SPAM list I can find.    I consider it to be a public service.

Not the standard stuff – there’s just too much of that.  No, it’s the ‘clever’ ones, that pretend, or claim, not to be SPAM.  The ones that add you to a mailing list just because you exist.

Well, I’ve just got an email that is very annoying, because I can’t add them to the list!

It’s clearly an advert – it makes no attempt to disguise that, which is good.  It appears to be for a piece of software aimed at the catering industry, and offers a 10 day free trial.

Nice of them.  They even make a point of stating that they respect the European laws regarding email and data protection, and ask me to inform them if I consider the email was sent in error.

All sounds good.  But… There is no email address on there, so how can I?

The email has been sent from a ‘no-reply’ address, which means nobody will ever read an email sent there.

There are four links in the message: two are clearly labelled as links to their website; one is an unsubscribe link; and the last is a link to an alternate version of the email in case you have trouble reading it.

Only all four links take you to the same webpage!  And the webpage you go to has no connection to the software the email is supposed to be advertising!

No, it’s a website designed for and devoted to collecting valid email addresses which can be added to mailing lists for sale.  (No, I didn’t visit the website – I’m not stupid.)

Why am I annoyed?  Because they’ve managed to get me to read their email without being able to add them to my SPAM list!

It’s such a dirty trick – I almost admire it.

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