Travelodge? No thanks.

Been a while, I know, but… life gets in the way.

Since losing my partner, I’ve been through Hell.  I lost three months totally – no memory of it whatsoever.
But I woke up.  And started a new life – which is what my partner would have wanted.  I started dating, after a long chat with my step-daughter about it.  I now have a job, a new car, and a new partner.

In a couple of days, I travel to Cyprus for a holiday.  When I get home, I’ll be married again – the wedding is in Cyprus, by the sea.  Yay.

None of which is really relevant to this post, but…
When we get back from Cyprus, we planned to visit family around the UK – and to this end, I wanted to book a hotel room for a night.  Best price I could find was for a Travelodge, so I went to book it.

No.  Never.  Will not ever let them get one penny of my money!

The room looked okay, the location was acceptable – the problem was paying for it.

When you get to the checkout page, you find that they want to charge you a £2 ‘booking fee’ if you pay via PayPal or Credit Card.  Why?  (I actually thought this was against the terms of their contract with these companies, but that is a problem for the companies – not me.)

You can pay with a Debit Card, and not pay the fee – so I thought I would.  Until I saw that they insist on getting your address.  Now, it may seem a little silly to you, but I really don’t like telling a hotel that my house (at xxxx address) will be empty on the night I’m staying in your room, 100 miles away….
No, sorry – you’re not getting my address.

OK, I can call them to book the room, where’s the number?  Ah, there it is… hold on, that’s a premium rate number… at 13p a minute on top of my normal call charges.  Oh, and a £2.50 ‘fee’ per call is added to my bill.

Get lost.  Now, where do I tell you why I’m not booking with you?  Let’s look at the contact page…  Yep, I can call you (at 13p a minute), or I can write you (and give you my address for a reply), or I can forget the whole thing.
Oh, there IS an FAQ page – but their idea of answering any Frequently Asked Question is to tell you to book a room, call them, or write them.  No email address, because they only send SPAM – they don’t accept it.

All in all, it’s a business that wants your money – but will make it as hard as possible for you to complain.

Sorry.  If you don’t have an EASY way for me to contact you, then you have no way of getting my money.

I’m staying at an IBIS, instead.

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