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Been doing a lot of printing over the last few months, and keep having problems with my Epson printer.  I want to print in black, on white paper – and now I can only do that if I replace the red ink.  I’ve already had to replace the blue and yellow inks so I can use the black ink.  Not sure why that is, unless… just maybe… could it be that they want me to buy more ink than I need?  Nah, couldn’t be that…

Anyway, I just treated myself to a HP laser printer.  Big advantage is that it only uses black.  It also will do all the printing I need for the next couple of years without me having to buy any more supplies.  It will sit on my desk, doing nothing, until I need it; and then it will do what I need quickly.

I love it.


Setting up the printer was quick and easy.  It downloaded and installed the drivers all by itself.  I had my documents in my hand, still warm from the printer, within less than 20 minutes of opening the box the printer came in.

Then I tried to turn the printer off.  It ignored me.
I played with the HP Printer Manager tool that had appeared on my toolbar.  The printer stayed on.

I closed the Printer Manager, and the printer allowed me to turn it off.  Phew.

Next time I started the computer, the Printer Manager was there again.  And when I turned the printer on, I had to exit the Manager before I could turn the printer off.  So I looked for a way to stop the Printer Manager from running at start up.

You see, I insist on being in control of what runs on my computer, and when it runs.  I also insist on being able to turn my peripherals on and off at will.  I’m funny that way.

A visit to the HP support website didn’t help.  First off, there were two floating windows on top of the site, making it hard to see the actual site itself – and then a bloody survey window popped up, with a simple choice between ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to doing the survey.  No third option, ‘ignore the survey request and carry on with what you were doing’.

So I do the survey: ‘Would I recommend the site?  No.  Did I find what I was looking for? No.  Why not?  Because this survey window got in the way!’

Then I try again.  Support page, what product?  Laser printer.  Serial number?  No, you don’t need it.  Sorry, can’t help without a serial number – we need it so we can track you.
Oh, and while you’re here, can you do this survey?

I spend a lot of time trying to find the answer to my simple question of how to stop the Printer Manager from running until I want it to run – without success.  So I remove it.

Guess what?  My printer works almost exactly the same as it did with the Manager.  The difference?  I can turn it on and off when I want.

Turns out, from what I can see, that the ‘Printer Manager’ is only there to collect your data, and offer to sell you replacement toner cartridges.  It does not ‘manage’ the printer in any way that is useful to me. 

Shame on you, HP.  I have promoted you for your excellent after sales service for many, many years – and then you do that.
Not only have you decided that my data is more important than my happiness, your ‘support’ service will only work if we give you even more data on us.

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