Let’s all take a risk

Pubs have been allowed to open for two days now, and today I see on the news how big a crowd there is outside the pubs/clubs.
Inside, it’s safe.  Well, safer , anyway.  There are screens, barriers, floor markings, etc, reminding people to socially distance, and be careful.
Outside… let’s act like a mob, and see how many people we can cram into a small area.

The attitude of most seems to be ‘it’s not me that’s the problem, it’s everybody else.’

I’ve also heard interviews with members of the crowd on Bournemouth beach a week or so back.  And one guy stands out for me: ‘Nobody I know has had it, so I’m safe’

Nobody he knows has had it?  How many of the people in the crowd did he know?  And ‘safe’?  What planet did he come from?

On ‘This Morning’ today, Mr Schofield brought up the point that after other mass gatherings recently, spikes in infection were predicted – and nothing happened.  So were we being over-cautious?

We have many, many stupid people out there.  They’re easy to spot – they’re the ones more concerned with ‘having fun’ than they are with being safe.  And they are almost all between their teens and forty.

Yes, they are the ones at least risk.  Well, least risk of dying from it – they can still catch it, and carry it, and transmit it, and infect others with it.  But at least they will be okay.
When their parents, grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, etc. die from it, it won’t be their fault, will it.

I would like to suggest, quite humbly, that these risk-takers play a game instead.

It’s called Russian Roulette.

It’s very simple.  All you do it get a revolver.  (An older design of handgun, where you put bullets into chambers in a revolving barrel.  To fire it, you first need to ‘cock’ it, which you do by pulling back the hammer – this also makes the barrel revolve so the next chamber is placed under the hammer.  Then you pull the trigger, and the bullet fires.)

Normally, a revolver will hold six bullets, although some did hold different quantities.

To play the game, you put one bullet in the revolver.  Then you put on a blindfold, pick up the gun, and spin the barrel a bit.  At this point, you have no idea which chamber is under the hammer.  There is a one in six chance that the gun will fire when you pull the trigger.

Now put the gun to your head, and pull the trigger.

Oh look.  You’re still alive!  Well then, that obviously means that the game is safe!

So please, please, keep playing…


Sadly, though, that is not the game you are playing.  You are playing your own version of the game.

In your version, you are using a machine gun; and the gun can be pointed in any direction; and you are in the middle of a crowd.
If that guns fires, lots of people will get hurt.
But there’s only a one in a hundred chance that one of the bullets will hit you, so no worries, eh?

It is not whether you catch it; it is not whether you will survive it.

It is how many others will you infect when you do get it?

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