Live and let live

I firmly believe in the concept of  ‘live and let live’.  I really do. 

If you choose to waste your time and money on expensive bits of card that will bloat the mail system, that’s your concern.  If you wish to spend a months earnings buying food to eat over a short holiday, that’s fine.  If you’re crazy enough to spend next years wages buying christmas presents nobody wants, well… good for you.

So why do you all insist on trying to make us feel as if we’re the crazy ones?

Try it sometime.  (OK, you have to wait eleven months to try it, but you get the point.)  Next time somebody says ‘are you ready for christmas?’ answer with ‘I’m not doing christmas this year.’  See what a reaction you get.

I have had some very interesting discussions about that, ranging from the old dear who simply kept telling me that I ‘couldn’t say that’ to verbal abuse.  Not one person ever simply accepts it – they always have to try and convince me I’m ‘wrong.’

I dread christmas nowadays. 

I play LotRO, as I’ve mentioned.  And I had to create a new character so I could play over christmas without an endless string of ‘merry xmases’ from other players.  I had to stay well away from any character that was known, because I didn’t want the trouble that would ensue.

You see, you can only ignore ‘merry xmas’ for so long.  The thought police very quickly pick up on the fact that you don’t reply, and ask why.  Then you have the choice of lying, or telling them why.

I never lie.

And once you’ve told them why, you will get more seasons greetings, as they treat it like a game – seeing who can get the best response from you.  Once you reach the end of your patience, and explode, it’s your fault that you can’t take a ‘joke.’

The end result is a lot of bad feelings that will never truly disappear.

So, we hide.  We lock the doors, pull the curtains, and pretend we’re not home.  We watch TV, read, and I play on the compu… oh, I can’t do that, can I? 

When you think about Scrooge, you probably see him as somebody who hates christmas, and wants everybody else to hate it.   The chances are, he didn’t start out that way.  Like me, he probably started out by being uninterested in christmas – then over the years he was forced into hating it by all the people who couldn’t just let him ignore it.

I used to enjoy christmas.  Then I realised how much of it was driven by the commercial aspect.  It lost it’s magic, and I found myself doing it only because it was expected of me.  The day I realised that I was being pushed into it was the day I stopped doing it.

I don’t want you to stop celebrating christmas.  I just want you to let me not celebrate it.

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2 Responses to “Live and let live”

  • Comment from Julie

    The people you have had `interesting conversations` with….try the litmus test. I`ve done this quite a few times, always with the same result. Ask them how their christmas was. I can almost guarantee that the answer will be `quiet`….
    The point, therefore, is…If Their christmas is never great, why do they wish it on us?

  • Comment from wend

    Well the season of goodwill is over the decorations are down and my bloody dog has eaten my shoes. He seems to have put his own perspective on it!

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