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I hate SPAM.  I hate it with a passion.

Most people would agree with me, and that includes the spammers.  The problem is, though, that everybody has a different definition of what constitutes SPAM.

If a company adds me to a mailing list without my express permission, they are guilty of sending SPAM.  The only mailing lists I want to be on are… umm….actually, I can’t think of any.

When I visit a website, buy from an online store, or merely pass by on the other side of the street and glance your way, I am NOT asking you to send me regular emails about your latest ‘offers’ or update me about your new catalogue.   I really do not want anybody to ever ‘keep me posted’ about anything.  My interests change often, AND (and this is very important) I frequently buy things or look things up for other people!   I am plagued by emails offering me cheap flights, because a client asked me to find a price for them, ONCE.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the ‘click here to unsubscribe’ nonsense!  It’s common knowledge, surely, that what you are doing is confirming your email address is valid!   Click on ‘unsubscribe’ and you will quickly find yourself on a list of qualified email addresses being sold to SPAMmers the world over.

No, when they say I can unsubscribe, I say I never subscribed in the first place, and mark all emails from them as SPAM.

Sorry, this got away from me.  What I’m TRYING to say is: I hate SPAM, I will never use your email address for anything more than site admin purposes. (Sending you password change confirmations, for example.)

Register on here safely – unless Word Press harvest email addresses somehow… 😉

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