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First of all, welcome to my blog.

On this blog, I ramble on about whatever takes my fancy.  You are welcome to read it or ignore it as you see fit. 

Nothing on this blog is hidden – registered users see nothing that unregistered visitors cannot.

The only benefit that comes from being registered is that you can comment on my posts.

So I’m very confused by the fact that I have many registered users (I get a new one almost every day) yet virtually no comments at all.  I routinely reject a lot of registrations as being obvious spam links, but still get a ridiculous number of registrations.

To this end, I’ve changed the way this blog works.  The people whose opinions I truly value are already registered for the most part – though there will be one or two more in the future – so I’m going to close registration.  At least, I’m closing public registration.

If you want to register, email me your request and I’ll deal with it.  For this purpose, I’ll use an email address at yahoo dot co dot uk – send it to the username of onlytemp21 and it’ll get to me.  (The address is in that format to make it harder for spambots to read it.)

This will make no difference at all to what you can see on this blog – it will only affect your ability to comment on it.  If you are already registered, you will be able to comment freely, subject to my normal moderation queue.

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