I’m now a ‘published’ author.

Sounds good, don’t it?  Well, it’s not that impressive: anybody can publish a book.  Especially the way I’ve done it. 

As mentioned in other posts, the Kindle platform provides for self-publication at no cost, and you don’t even need a Kindle to read the books – so I’ve published on Kindle, and this page will list the books available as I publish them.

NEW!!  For those of you who don’t like Amazon, don’t have a Kindle or reader, or just want to get them direct from me – I have created digital versions of my books that can read with a Mobipocket device.  If you go to, click on the ‘Software’ tab, you can select and download the appropriate reader software.

Contact me, and I’ll email you a copy of the book you want, which you can then read in the Mobipocket reader. 

Amazon insist that they match any reduced price I offer, so I’m afraid I’ll have to charge you the same as they do – unless I send you a copy for review purposes. 

Just one more point to note: the name of the Author.  Please, don’t take this any form of confirmation of my name, gender, etc.  It’s a non-de-plume I’m using for legal reasons.


My first book is Revelation, and it’s available from the Amazon website now.

Suredeath – a unique dagger.  Once Suredeath pierces your flesh, your death is guaranteed, along with the death of anybody foolish enough to try and remove Suredeath from your still living flesh.  Whipitq created Suredeath, and only she can wield it – but the Coalition wants it for their own purposes.

Stoke is a lawless land populated by many species, from the tiny Nisse to the giant Jotun. 
The League of Guilds controls all the commerce of Stoke with an iron grip, but the Coalition is threatening their dominance.

Whipitq is entrusted with the mission to infiltrate and destroy the Coalition from within.  Newly qualified at the Academy, Whipitq has a skill set unlike any other, but her own past throws up a surprise that interferes with her plans.

From the day the orphaned baby Whipitq lands in the arms of her protector, till the day she discovers the truth about her family, the tale of Whipitq’s hard life is told with humour, love, and a little bit of  relish. 
Passed from hand to hand, unwanted and mistreated, Whipitq quickly learns to avoid being seen; beaten for no reason, she dreams of revenge; until she is tortured and ultimately stabbed with her own weapon: Suredeath.

Just put my second book, Genesis, up today.
When Sonya Turner loses her baby after being raped, she swears vengeance on the men responsible. The only problem is: they’ve disappeared off the face of the earth.Going against the beliefs of an entire race, Sonya breaks all the laws when she sets sail for a non-existent land of legend.

On the shores of the new land, Sonya Turner becomes Mrow, and this is the story of how she found her feet in a strange land; and how she gained her revenge.

Mrow is not afraid to get her hands dirty along the way, and this tale will make you wince, as much as it will tug at your heartstrings.

From the killer who thinks he committed the perfect crime, to the Wizard that owes his success to a lump of wood, Ephemera takes a look at life in general and in the land of Stoke.

Ten stories, written at different times for different reasons, some long, some brief. The one purpose of the collection is to introduce readers to the Author, and to give a glimpse into the land of Stoke.

Ephemera is available on Amazon, but – as they don’t allow you to give your work away – it has a price of 99c (about 70p).  But you can get your free copy here. You can read this book with Kindle or Mobireader.

A word about pricing:  When I ‘publish’ a book with Amazon, I set the minimum price allowed – but you have to set it for the US, and the UK price is automatically calculated.  But for some reason, even though all my books are set at $2.99, they are wildly different prices in the UK.   Revelation is £1.71, while Genesis is £2.10!

Chances are, the price of Genesis will drop to match Revelation soon.  Please believe me, however, when I tell you that I have little control over the pricing.

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