You’re doing a great job

I’d just like to say a huge ‘well done’ to all those people who are stockpiling, ready for the end of civilisation.


I’ve just been to do my normal weekly shop, and found the shelves bare.  Not just of the items we’ve been hearing about: sanitising gel, toilet roll, and pasta – no, the stores are now out of meat, milk, cereals, potatoes, bread, eggs, flour…

People are stocking up now, and planning to keep topped up by getting regular deliveries.

It is now at the point that every delivery slot is pre-booked for two weeks.  Planning ahead, you see.

So, again, I say well done.

Congratulations on making sure that you are safe.  No need to worry about anybody else, as long as YOU are okay.


I’m the one that is supposed to be making those deliveries.  And I haven’t got anything to eat.

Oh dear, I guess I’ll have to take the Government advice, and stay at home.  Which means, of course, that you can only eat if you go out and re-stock – but there won’t BE any stock, because the delivery drivers are staying home and being as selfish as you.


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What a load of *****!

In the news today is a story about Tesco being sued for pay disparity – or sexual discrimination.
Apparently, men working at the distribution warehouse are paid £11 an hour, while women on the shop floor (Supermarket shop floor, not factory) are only paid £8 an hour.  Shock, horror!


They are paid £8 an hour in the store, whether they work on the tills, in the petrol station, stack shelves, pick for home deliveries, or move cages in the ‘warehouse’ at the back of the store. Read more…

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What SPAM is and isn’t

On the menu bar across the top of every page is a link to the ‘Scumbags’ page, which is updated many times a year.

Part of the reason for this page is to highlight how the rules for Direct Marketing are a total waste of time. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) have a ‘code of conduct’ which they claim makes what they do different to SPAM. Their code states that they will not just send emails to any address they can get hold of, but will instead only send marketing materials to those who have ‘expressed an interest.’

Now, they will argue that visiting their website is expressing an interest, or that clicking on an advert is, or having your eyes open when they walk across in front of you – all of those, I admit, can be argued for.

The code also requires any email sent to include an ‘unsubscribe’ link – giving the illusion that we, the recipients, have some say in whether we are on their lists.

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Sad but true

As all my readers know, my partner – who passed away recently – was on oxygen.  There was a machine in the lounge which sucked oxygen out of the air and pumped it along a pipe into my partners nose.
I always thought it generous of me to allow my partner to take my oxygen like that…

The machine ran full time, 24/7, and needed electricity to live.  I just got an estimated bill for the electricity, and it was more than double the amount I’ve used without the machine running – just to give you an idea of how expensive it was.

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What a memorial!

As I’ve mentioned, my partner recently passed away, and was cremated just under two weeks ago.
Today, I got a nice letter from the crematorium…

At least it didn’t start with the almost obligatory condolencies.  No, it just jumped right in to telling me about the options available.

There is the ‘book of memory,’ a granite tablet at the edge of the garden of remembrance, or a bronze plaque on a memorial wall.

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The computer says ‘no’

Thanks to a certain TV program, the phrase ‘the computer says no’ is pretty well known.  It has entered our everyday language as a reason/excuse for being refused a product or service for no logical reason.

Let’s take a look at this idea.  Let’s look at monthly direct debit budget plans.

You get a bill from your supplier, and it states that your estimated usage for the next year will be £1200.  (A figure chosen for no other reason than it divides nicely.)
Now, you may not be as good at sums as I am, but I’m pretty sure you should be able to see that £1200 over 12 months is £100 a month.

So they set your payments at £150.

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What nonsense

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been caring for my partner for many years – until recently.  For most of those years, I’ve been driving a Motability car.
My partner was cremated yesterday, and the car will be taken away from me next Thursday – so I’ve been sorting out an alternative…

I found the car I wanted, at a price I was happy with.  The garage has put a 12 month MOT on the car, and as soon as I arrange insurance and Road Tax (and paid, of course) I can collect my new toy.


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The customer is always….

One of my recurring themes is the way that websites are constantly reducing the number of choices we have.
Not sure what I mean?

Well… when a website puts a popup in front of what you’re trying to look at – your choice is between doing what they want you to do, and leaving the website.  You cannot remain at their website unless you accept the popup.  Choice limited.

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Sky? Cry…

It’s been a fun few weeks in this house, and it’s all related to Sky.

I’ve spoken before about how I refuse to pay for repairs or replacement on my Sky equipment: if they insist that I only use their equipment, it’s up to them to keep it working!  Before I switched my internet to Sky, I replaced my modem several times at my own expense, with no complaints.  I simply shopped around for the best deal, and paid for it.  You cannot shop around for Sky equipment!  If you can’t shop around, you can’t get the best deal.


My Sky router stopped working.  It just wasn’t turning on, at all.  I did all I could, but it was beyond saving.  So I called Sky, to tell them.

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Scumbag update

I don’t know if any of you have ever taken a look at the ‘Scumbags’ page available through the menu at the top of the page?  It gets updated from time to time, but it doesn’t really make very good reading, as the sole reason for it’s existence is for me to name SPAMMERS.

I’ve added a new one today, and… well… they’re actually doing everything ‘right’ but they still got on the list!

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